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Winding machine winding different coils

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Winding machine winding different coils
Latest company news about Winding machine winding different coils

Transformer winding machines have different ways of winding, but many consumers do not know this very well. Their different winding methods are mainly the following:


1. Precautions for winding a circular coil of a transformer winding machine

This type of coil is a kind of common coil, mainly composed of an air-core coil and a bobbin coil. The winding method of this type of coil is relatively simple, and the position of the reel is not high, and it can be at the front of the coil. It is also possible to note the following at the rear of the coil when setting the timing of the transformer winding machine.


What time is it:

(1) Appropriately increase the correction value of the wire diameter according to the process requirements, and adjust the spacing between the wires.

(2) Pay attention to the deformation amount of the skeleton when setting the wide width. If it is a tire removal coil, the width should be appropriately reduced.

(3) The tension adjustment is moderate, not too large or too small.


2. Precautions for winding the square coil of transformer winding machine

The coil is typically a stator coil of a motor, characterized by a large width, a small diameter, and a wire diameter of more than 0.5 mm. When winding such a coil, attention is paid to the control of the winding speed and the tension control. The outlet position of the general cable is online. At the back of the circle, such an exit position can avoid edema in the middle of the coil. The winding speed should be adjusted according to the diameter and diameter of the coil. Generally, the coil winding speed is larger, and the faster the winding speed will cause the transformer. The weight of the winding machine and the quality of the coil.

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