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Winding machine principle

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Winding machine principle
Latest company news about Winding machine principle

Winding machine: A device that winds a linear object onto a specific workpiece, usually used for copper wire winding.
Most electrical products need to be wrapped into an inductor coil with an enamelled copper wire (referred to as an enameled wire), which can be completed by a winding machine.
Most commonly used winding machines are made of enamelled copper wire (inductor coil for winding electronic and electrical products), enamelled aluminum wire, textile wire (wrap yarn for spinning machine, coil), and winding Electric heating wires for electric heating appliances, as well as solder wires, wires, cables, etc.
There are many types of winding machines, which can be divided into general-purpose and special-purpose types according to their use.
Universal type - winding machines for a variety of products, as long as the corresponding molds and instructions can be replaced to correspond to the processing of different products.
Dedicated - a winding machine for a specific product.
Fully automatic
A model pioneered by Japan as a pioneer in responding to rising demands for labor and product quality. It can be combined into a high degree of automation by means of motors, electric components, pneumatic components, transmissions, sensors, control systems and the like. It is usually possible to automatically line, wrap, break the line, twist the line, and load and unload. The operator only needs to ensure sufficient raw materials, and can be continuously produced when there is no workpiece or copper wire in time, and the number of axes is usually high to achieve high efficiency production. A machine with a high degree of automation can meet the requirements of one employee taking care of multiple devices at the same time.
It is currently the most widely used winding machine in China. It can only realize automatic cable routing, and all operations need to be completed by the operator. Usually the number of shafts is small to match the operator's operating time, and it is convenient to replace different molds to produce different products.
Flat line machine
Rotating by the main shaft, in conjunction with three-dimensional space movement positioning, the wire is wound in a spiral on the outer layer of the workpiece. Usually used to process most transformers, inductors and various types of coils. It is currently the most widely used winding machine.

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