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What is the motor armature?

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What is the motor armature?
Latest company news about What is the motor armature?

An armature is a component of a motor in which a wire is placed. The relative motion of the wire to the magnetic field produces an induced electromotive force in the wire (as in a generator), or the energized wire is subjected to an Ampoule force in the magnetic field, causing it to be in a magnetic field. Rotate (as in the motor). 


The armature winding is divided into two categories: DC armature winding and AC armature winding. They are used for DC motors and AC motors, respectively.


The armature includes an armature core and an armature winding. The armature winding is a circuit part of the DC motor, and is also a part that induces an electric potential and generates electromagnetic torque for electromechanical energy conversion (the generator is mechanical energy converted into electric energy). The armature core is both a part of the main magnetic circuit and a supporting member of the armature winding, and the armature winding is embedded in the slot of the armature core.


The principle of the induced armature of the DC motor and the AC motor is roughly the same. The current in the armature winding of the DC motor is also AC, and the output through the commutator is DC.


The AC motor is divided into an induction motor (asynchronous machine) and a synchronous motor. The induction motor is divided into a squirrel cage rotor and a wound rotor according to the rotor structure. The induction motor generates a magnetic field by the stator winding, and the rotor winding performs electromechanical energy conversion.
The synchronous motor generates a magnetic field in the rotor winding, and the stator winding performs electromechanical energy conversion.
The armature generally refers to the part of the motor that requires an external power supply. The DC motor armature is a rotor, and the AC motor armature is a stator.


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