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Three major factors in the use of CNC winding machine

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Three major factors in the use of CNC winding machine
Latest company news about Three major factors in the use of CNC winding machine

CNC winding machine products range: electronic toy coils, electronic clock coils, electronic gift coils, electronic lock induction coils, mobile phone vibration motor coils, animal ear tag induction coils, various voice coils for headphones and speakers, card reader coils , ID / IC automatic coin-operated device coil, camera coil, digital camera zoom coil, laser head coil, special head coil, wireless electromagnetic-free mouse and mouse pad coil, automatic coin-operated device coil, hearing aid coil, attendance machine coil, Solar rotating table coils, solar rocker coils, coin detector coils, and brushless flat motor coils.


In the process of operating the CNC winding machine, we must know how to set the three winding parameters of the winding position, the enameled wire specification and the winding width. The specific methods are as follows:


First, the setting of the winding position
What is the winding position? Simply speaking, the starting point of the winding starts on the skeleton. This position is closely related to the coil's head and coil type. The specific value of the relevant winding position can usually be measured by the measuring function of the equipment control system. Personnel can also be measured manually, using the fixed point as a reference point to actually measure with the ruler. When setting this point, pay attention to the winding direction of the coil.


Second, the setting of the enameled wire specification
Our common enameled wire has different wire diameters. The correct setting of the enameled wire line will directly affect the effect of the wire. The enameled wire with different materials needs to be added with different wire diameter correction values. The copper wire is not easy to be thinned, and the correction value is added. Around 0.02, the aluminum wire is easily stretched after passing through the tension of the winding device and the wire passing device, and the correction value is larger than 0.02-0.2.


Third, the setting of the winding width
The definition of the winding width is the distance from the position where the winding starts to the end position of the winding. Usually, the value directly reflects the length of the winding that the skeleton needs to be wound. When setting, it is necessary to consider the small deformation amount of the skeleton to be used. The effect of the comprehensive measurement method should be taken as the winding width. After knowing the parameters of the CNC winding machine, I believe that everyone can handle it easily.

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