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The four major problems that the winder often appears in use and the points of attention

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Company News
The four major problems that the winder often appears in use and the points of attention
Latest company news about The four major problems that the winder often appears in use and the points of attention

Problem: flatness, number of turns, polarity, injury line


Be careful:
1. For the flatness, the main influencing factors are equipment problems (unstable operation of the machine, vibration swing, maintenance of the equipment, improper outlet, tool and material are not matched); setting debugging problems (from the position of the winding point) Fine-tuning, width and line); use problem (the rubber shell is not inserted or moved in the winding);

2. For the number of turns, the factors affecting the number of turns are mainly the setting of the machine (more care should be taken when one winding is completed in multiple stages; the slow speed may also be affected by stopping); the wire-receiving method; machine failure (unusual noise, uneven rotation) )

3. For polarity, it is generally an artificial setting, an operation problem, and has nothing to do with the device.


Finally, there are frequent injury problems:

1. The path through which the copper wire passes (ie, the wire device) is in contact with the metal parts, the residual wire head, other residues, etc. to avoid direct contact with the copper wire when sliding

When hard objects are in contact, always check whether the pulleys rotate freely, and often clean the wool mats and foreign objects in the nozzles.

2, hard burr scratch on the plastic shell

3, the winding tension is too large, there is no winding slow

4, the last is the human factor, some employees in the use of random stacking and extrusion, it will also cause injury problems.

Therefore, the correct use of the winding machine can not only improve work efficiency and avoid abnormal conditions.

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