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Seven advantages of fully automatic winding machine

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Company News
Seven advantages of fully automatic winding machine
Latest company news about Seven advantages of fully automatic winding machine

The equipment can arrange the coils neatly in the hanging cup, which is especially suitable for high output, high slot full rate, small slot stator winding, automatic skipping in the winding mode, automatic trimming, and automatic indexing in one step. The man-machine interface sets parameters, the winding tension is adjustable, and has continuous cable, non-continuous cable and other functions.


The seven advantages of the fully automatic winding machine are as follows:


1: Through the plc controller, the winding speed, number of times, time of the automatic winding machine can be precisely adjusted, and debugging is also convenient.

2: The cable is tight and tidy, and the wire diameter is not affected.

3: Depending on the input program, it is possible to wrap around a variety of different windings on the same machine.

4: A person's workforce can complete the work of the past ten people, greatly improving efficiency, and reducing business costs.

5: Fully automatic winding machine saves energy.

6: The workshop staff can complete the operation after simple training, which is more humanized.

7: The samples that can be wounded are more diverse.


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