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Inspection and maintenance of automatic winding machine

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Company News
Inspection and maintenance of automatic winding machine
Latest company news about Inspection and maintenance of automatic winding machine

I. Inspect horizontal coil winding machine and dimension

1. regularly check the lubrication of each rotating part to ensure good lubrication.

2. always check the fastening of bolts at each position, and tighten them in time when they become loose, especially the anchor bolts of the tailstock must be firm and reliable.

3. when the machine is rotating, it is not allowed to operate under the winding.

4.when working, check whether there is bending and fracture at the top of the disc and tailstock at any time, and repair in time if any problem is found.

5. when the machine is rotating, it is not allowed to change direction, adjust speed and shift gears.


II. Inspection and maintenance of vertical winding machine

1. check whether the spool of the winding machine and the butt bolt of the winding mould have been tightened, otherwise it must be tightened again.

2. if there are any unsafe factors, such as damage to the electrical source of the wound wire, shall be excluded if any.

3).check whether the expansion cover plate extends well and adjust the open and close size to about 150ram of outer diameter of the disk or winding to ensure the safety of operation.

4.check whether there is any work equipment or other objects around the winding machine, or reconnect the position of such work objects as the layout line tray.


After all the above contents are checked and correct, the winding machine can be started.

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