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how to make water pump motor stator?

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Company News
how to make water pump motor stator?
Latest company news about how to make water pump motor stator?

A pump is a machine that pumps liquids energy. It is a machine that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the potential energy of the pumped liquid. Driven by power machinery, it can pump liquid from a low place to a high place or a distant place to serve production.

The pump can pump water, oil, acid-base solution, liquid metal, paper pulp, mud, etc. The pump used to pump water is called a water pump, also called a water pump.


Water pumps are widely used, such as diving products, HVAC systems, water supply and drainage systems, small household appliances, water recycling systems, are mostly used for agricultural irrigation and drainage, improve the ability of agriculture to resist natural disasters, can increase production, maintain income, and It provides material conditions for agriculture to realize mechanization and water conservancy.


There are many types of pumps, divided by the way of converting energy, usually divided into two kinds of rotor pumps and non-rotor pumps. The former type relies on a high-speed rotating or reciprocating rotor to convert the mechanical energy of the power machine into energy for lifting or pressurizing the fluid, such as a vane pump, positive displacement pump, and vortex pump; the latter type relies on the working fluid to convert the working energy into Lift or pressurize fluid energy, such as water hammer pump, jet pump, internal combustion pump, air pump, etc. However, in agricultural irrigation and drainage, the most frequently used vane pump.


NIDE focuses on the water pump motor manufacturing production, can provide automatic water pump motor production assembly line, including pump motor stator manufacturing and rotor manufacturing, stator and rotor assembly, etc.

Let us introduce the manufacturing process of the water pump motor stator


Automatic pump motor stator insulation paper inserting machine

pump motor stator slot paper inserting machine

Automatic water pump motor stator winding machine

automatic pump motor stator coil winding machine

We can provide double-station automatic winding machine, 4 stations automatic winding machine, 6 stations automatic winding machine, 8 stations automatic winding machine.

pump motor stator coil winder

Automatic water pump motor stator coil embedding and expansion machine

automatic pump motor stator coil insertion machine

The machine automatically coil inserting first, and then automatically expands

pump motor stator coil expanding machine

Automatic shaping machine for water pump motor stator coil

automatic pump motor stator coil former

Automatic binding machine for water pump motor stator coil, After one end of the stator coil lacing, the other end coil lacing.

automatic pump motor stator coil lacing machine

Automatic water pump motor stator coil final forming machine

pump motor stator coil forming machine


The pump motor stator manufacturing video

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