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How to check and accept the winding machine equipment

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How to check and accept the winding machine equipment
Latest company news about How to check and accept the winding machine equipment

The first is visual inspection and measurement. When the equipment is out of the box, the appearance and various configurations of the equipment can be observed. During the assembly process, the contact and smoothness of each sliding part are checked, and the inspection tools are used for various axes and The set of holes is used for the measurement of the coaxiality. To check the lubrication of the relevant action parts, it should be stable, reliable and without blockage.


The second step of the test is idling operation. Under no-load conditions, the operation is about 30 minutes. Check that the bearing parts and sliding parts should have no obvious temperature rise. During the idling operation, the high and low speeds of the test equipment and the execution of various actions are good. It detects the positional accuracy when parking across the slot, and detects whether the brake is effective. Whether the tensioner and the wire wheel in the wire passing device are smooth and smooth.


After the winding machine has been idling, it needs to run with the line. During the line process, it should be checked whether the number of windings is accurate or not, and whether the movement of the wire arranging device is smooth and correct, and whether the coil is wound according to the set process. Flat and compact, the insulation of the enameled wire is good.

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