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Development and application of hub motors

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Company News
Development and application of hub motors
Latest company news about Development and application of hub motors

As energy and environmental issues are highlighted, Electric vehicles have become the strategic focus of the automotive industry in the world. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the parts and components technology related to new energy vehicles has received extensive attention. High-quality hub motor and its control system are important research directions and hotspots in the field of electrical engineering at home and abroad. Because of its obvious advantages, it has become an important development direction of electric vehicle development.


At present, the hub motor has been successful in electric vehicles. It is foreseeable that with the continuous deepening of research and development, the performance of the hub motor is continuously improved, and the breakthroughs in related technologies such as battery technology, power control system and vehicle energy management system, hub motor Will be widely used in electric vehicles.


In the new energy wave that is popular all over the world, the development of new energy vehicle power system can be divided into three stages. The first generation is the central motor centralized drive technology, the second generation is the wheel motor technology, and the third generation is the hub motor technology. Compared with the previous two generations of technology, the hub motor technology has many advantages such as higher efficiency, energy saving, light weight, and miniaturization. It can effectively solve the problems of cost and energy consumption of new energy vehicles, and is a future application trend.


Hub motor technology changes the car from a central drive to a distributed drive, eliminating transmission components such as transmissions, drive shafts, differentials, etc., integrating power, transmission and braking devices into the hub, enabling new energy vehicle engines and shifting The integration of the machine, from mechanical drive to electric drive. It is a more direct and efficient way to drive.


The shape of the hub motor is basically the same, most of them are flat, but the motor type, structure form and driving method are quite different.


Classified by motor type: There are four main types of motors currently used in electric hubs, namely permanent magnet motor (PM), asynchronous motor (IM), switched reluctance motor (SRM) and transverse flux motor (TFM). Among them, permanent magnet motor is the most common application, and transverse flux motor is a kind of competitive low speed and high torque new type motor.


Classified by structure: From the main magnetic flux path, it covers all three basic forms of radial, axial, and transverse. From the perspective of the movement mode, there are also inner rotor, outer rotor and double rotor. Among them, the double rotor structure is the most innovative. The inner rotor is active and the outer rotor is driven. The two transmit power through a set of planetary gears to achieve reverse rotation, so that the speed of the magnetic field cutting conductor is the sum of the inner and outer rotor speeds. Obviously, this combination of speed superposition and mechanical linkage not only brings a relaxation space to the motor design, but also plays a role of slow release load disturbance, smoothing the impact load and effectively protecting the battery.


Classified by driving method: When driving directly, the motor adopts the outer rotor structure, that is, the rotor directly drives the hub to rotate, so the rotation speed is low. Corresponding to this, in the case of indirect driving, the motor is mostly an inner rotor structure, and the rotation speed is high. The deceleration is realized by the planetary gear and the ring gear mechanism, and the hub is rotated, which is also called a deceleration drive. Among them, the outer rotor type has many advantages such as simple structure, high reliability, wide speed regulation range, large output torque, low noise, high efficiency, etc., and has become the mainstream structure of the hub motor.

new energy vehicles electric vehicles motor winding machine

Our outer armature rotor winding machine is designed for the hub motor. The whole machine adopts servo motor control system to realize product winding. The man-machine interface has functions such as fault diagnosis and output counting, and can be set for automatic winding and multi-path winding. The parameters such as line, automatic indexing, automatic spanning, winding speed, etc. have the characteristics of simple operation, high production efficiency and reduced labor cost. Double-station winding design. The device has remote diagnostics.


This motor winding machine is used for winding the stator coil of the hub motor, winding the brushless stator and the outer rotor coil, and is suitable for electric vehicles, battery cars, electric motorcycles, twisting cars, balance cars, new energy vehicles, etc.

automatic balance cars motor stator winding machine

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