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Why choose a BLDC / brushless motor?

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Why choose a BLDC / brushless motor?

As a kind of synchronous motor, DC brushless motor has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance, and has many advantages such as high operating efficiency and good speed regulation performance of DC motor.



As the design and control level of brushless motor production increases, it is more widely used in various fields.




Aerospace robotic arm control, gyroscope and steering gear drive, or oil pump control, electric controller, engine control production equipment, instrumentation, etc. in the automotive industry.



Household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, mixers, hair dryers, camcorders, and household electric fans, or office equipment such as digital cameras, laser printers, copiers, fax machines, tape recorders, LD players, and shredders. Can see the figure of the brushless motor.



Also in recent years, the field of aircraft applications that have received much attention is the drone. The success of drones has made the aerial photography system popular in ordinary people's homes, and people are beginning to pay more and more attention to this emerging industry.




So what are the performance advantages of DC brushless motors?



The first major advantage of brushless motors is their high efficiency.

Because the brushless motor can continuously rotate under its maximum rotational force (torque). In contrast, brushed motors can only provide maximum torque at certain points of rotation. Although a brushed motor can provide the same torque as a brushless motor, a brushed motor requires more magnetism, which means that a smaller size brushless motor can provide considerable power. The efficiency of a typical DC brushless motor can reach more than 96%, while the efficiency of a conventional DC motor is generally about 75%; the high efficiency leads to a high energy conversion, and the electrical energy of the electric energy converted into a motor is high, and the direct performance is energy saving. It can save 20%-60% energy compared with traditional motors. If it is a long-running motor, the use of DC brushless motor can save the electricity cost of one motor in one year, and the long-term use cost-effective, although the DC brushless motor starts to buy. The price is higher than that of the conventional motor, and the energy saving effect is very obvious.



Another big advantage of brushless motor is long life:

the traditional motor with brush is usually replaced after a period of time due to the wear of the carbon brush, and the maintenance is frequent. The brushless motor of DC has a service life of 20,000 hours. Above, under normal working conditions, after 5 years of use, it will not be damaged, so the life of DC brushless motor is 5 times that of traditional motors.


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Brushless motor running low noise:

DC brushless motor has simple structure, spare parts can be installed with precision, the operation is relatively smooth, the running sound is below 50db, many medical equipments use DC brushless because of the silent performance of DC brushless motor. Motor. The traditional motor needs to replace the carbon brush, and the sealing performance cannot be achieved. The wear of the carbon brush causes the friction sound, and the noise is generally above 60 db, which cannot meet the requirements of the need for high-quiet equipment.



Brushless motors without brushes provide high durability.

For brushed motors, the brushes and commutators wear out due to continuous moving contact and may create sparks when in contact. In particular, these sparks are usually generated when the brush passes through the gap in the commutator, which causes electrical noise. Brushless motors are preferred if the motor design is to take into account electrical noise. The absence of sliding contact solves the problem of reversing sparks, allowing them to be used in explosive environments.

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